Seamless NISPOM Compliance with Access Commander and Deltek Products

The National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) defines security standards that must be followed by U.S organizations (government and corporate) with access to classified information. Among other things, the NISPOM provides guidelines to:

• Ensure proper clearance for access to classified information
• Provide adequate security training/briefings to personnel
• Regulate outgoing and incoming visits to secure facilities
• Regulate technology and infrastructure
• Deter insider threats

Federal contractors who wish to retain clearance must file and report information on its activities and demonstrate that it has taken adequate measures to comply with NISPOM. Additionally, they will receive periodic audits by cognizant auditing agencies such as the Defense Security Service (DSS) which oversees NISPOM compliance on behalf of twenty-four federal agencies.

Staying compliant with NISPOM is a difficult task without the added burden of recording and reporting information on activities and personnel. As such, MathCraft’s Access Commander platform has proven to be a significant benefit to Facility Security Officers (FSOs) in the U.S.
We are proud to announce that with integration features for Deltek products, our facility security software has just made compliance a lot easier.

Access Commander and Deltek

Access Commander is MathCraft’s one-step solution for FSOs to manage organizational security. Fifteen different modules handle areas of compliance from contract administration to personnel clearances and insider threats.

With an easy-to-use interface and NISPOM-compliant tasks for audit procedures, Access Commander allows FSOs to store, retrieve and update important information all from a unified platform.

For some time, MathCraft clients have found that their experience is improved by using Access Commander in conjunction with products provided by Deltek, a software provider that serves project-based organizations in the public sector.

Deltek offerings include:

• Govwin IQ – Enables contractors to find and analyze opportunities ahead of their solicitation date and identify potential partners.
• Costpoint – ERP accounting software enabling labor management and business intelligence.
• Talent Management – An end-to-end platform for recruiting, compensating and tracking the activities of new personnel.

All said, Deltek’s product family enables organizations to run their businesses effectively, obtain resources, and complete contracts to specification. But without any tools to aid in NISPOM compliance, Deltek users once found themselves manually inputting data twice – once into their systems, and then into Access Commander.

Seamless Integration

MathCraft now offers full data integration between Deltek’s family of products and its own. For dual users, information entered into one platform will automatically synchronize with the other, bridging the workflow gap between business and security.

To understand what this means, here are a few specific examples:

1. Contract Administration

Mathcraft’s Access Commander provides contract management features through the Contract Administration module. There, FSOs can:

• Record a completed DD254 (Department of Defense Contract Security Classification Specification) form
• Add, remove and track personnel according to their specializations and level of clearance
• Track any documents related to the contract and keep them in one place

When dual users add new contracts through Deltek’s GovWin IQ, these contracts will now be automatically synchronized with Access Commander, creating seamless communication between FSOs and marketing.

2. Personnel Management

Access Commander also includes the central Personnel Management module which keeps close tabs on any employee in an organization, their clearances, certifications, work history, etc.

Monitoring this information on a daily basis is crucial to:

• Prevent, handle and report insider threats
• Monitor, authorize or decline visit requests
• Avoid assignment conflicts

When dual users add new employees through Deltek’s Talent Management suite, this information now propagates to the Personnel Management module ensuring that FSOs have up-to-date information on every member of their organization.

3. Visit Requests

In many ways, the core responsibility of an FSO is to maintain facility security by vetting everyone who enters and leaves. Access Commander – in addition to MathCraft’s ViSi Commander and Enterprise Suite – provides a comprehensive solution for managing visitor requests.

When integrated with Deltek, FSOs have quickly updated information which makes governance painless and expedites the approval process. This efficiency is the result of bringing together two aspects of an organization: business and security.

Although Deltek and MathCraft products do different things, they provide an example of the way security improves when it is bolstered by other decision-makers. Independently, they are good at their respective functions. Together, they are enough to build a NISPOM-compliant organization from the ground up.

MathCraft Security Technologies offers a robust product line of NISPOM-compliant security applications for cleared contracts and enterprises. Our solutions are carefully engineered to improve security processes, giving Facility Security Officers (FSOs) and employees the comprehensive tools that they need to manage data, monitor visitors, and automate workflows. For ultimate convenience, they are also available on-premises or via the cloud.