How Portal Commander is Readying Organizations for the Future of Compliance

Staying NISPOM compliant has always been difficult – but when SEAD 3 went into effect in 2017, the standard for security became more than just compliance.

Now, organizations must play an active role in monitoring themselves, their employees, colleagues, and associates. With Portal Commander, we can help.

Modern Threats

Despite popular belief, the modern FSO knows the greatest threat to their company doesn’t come from foreign actors or domestic attackers: it comes from insiders.

Almost 75 percent of all security breaches are caused by human error or malicious employees. If these actors are caught early enough, disaster can be prevented.

Under SEAD 3, cleared personnel are therefore required to file self-reports for:

  • Continued association with any foreign national
  • Any travel outside the U.S
  • New cohabitants or roommates
  • Treatment for substance abuse

Additionally, they are required to monitor and report their colleagues when any of these conditions are suspected.

Including the Whole Team

With increased decentralization and dependence on contractors in the public sector, SEAD 3 recognizes that insider threats extend to sources beyond cleared individuals.

The new standards make your organization responsible for anyone in a “sensitive position,” which means:

“Any position within or in support of an agency in which the occupant could bring about, by virtue of the position, a material adverse effect on national security…”

For administrators, the new security paradigm means cooperation throughout the organizational stack, tough monitoring, and organized data collection.

Reporting Made Easy

A modern world requires a modern approach to security, and the latest requirements are reasonable. At the same time, they’re difficult to meet.

Portal Commander brings together employees, officers, and stakeholders at every level of your organization with a dashboard-driven, case management platform.

With the following capabilities, Portal Commander alleviates workloads, raises accountability, and offers data-driven insights to decision-makers:

  • Case management systems
  • Self-reporting features
  • Process automation
  • Data visualization
  • Integration with third-party products

…and much more. By bringing comprehensive personnel control into the workplace, Portal Commander makes security and compliance second nature.

Don’t be caught off guard by new legislation and heightened threats. Call us today for a free demo of Portal Commander and learn how it can prepare your organization for the future of compliance.