The Story of MathCraft

Our story begins in the winter of 1990 when computer science graduate and software consultant Mr. Imo Etuk left his secure job with a prominent defense contractor to start a consulting business. It was the infant years of digital technology. After seeing the chaos that surrounded the management of security clearances, MathCraft Security Technologies, Inc. – named for the algebraic precision required to design enterprise architecture – was born.

The Early Years

Spring of 1992: the U.S. military was hard at work modernizing its cleared facilities with PCs and digital infrastructure. The MathCraft team was invited to a military base for a presentation where the security detail could not locate clearances that had been sent in advance of the meeting. A pattern of lost clearances was a problem that plagued FSOs, government contractors, and an entire industry.

The Winning Idea

The chaos surrounding security clearances was undeniable. The MathCraft team set out to create a simplified user-friendly security workbench for FSOs to do their jobs efficiently. Our company, which started as a consulting firm, evolved into a software development entity and Access Commander 1.0 was launched in 1995 as a standalone product.

With broad base use, Access Commander was updated with multi-user support and compatibility with the newly released Windows 98.

Pioneers of Cloud Computing

In the run-up to Y2K, MathCraft enjoyed rapid growth as a key player in the industrial security space. Automation became our focus. Our product solved the problem of homegrown systems that could not share information across the enterprise. Access Commander enterprise architecture rendered spreadsheets obsolete. We added ViSi Commander to manage visitors to cleared facilities. Our Portal Commander is offered as an employee self-service platform that alleviates the workload for FSOs. All our products are web-based which allows clients to access and manage their facilities securely from anywhere in the world.

MathCraft has never wavered in its commitment to streamline security management processes. We offer a fully subscription-based version of the Access Commander, ViSi Commander, and Portal Commander platforms to accommodate the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) market.

Our Values

MathCraft products have transformed industrial security standards in the public and private sectors. We champion superior security, superior simplicity, and superior support. Our pledge to FSOs and other security professionals is to provide a range of products that are the most comprehensive and reliable in the industry. Our products are designed for ease of use with well-designed user interfaces for fast navigation.
Our client support representatives are experts on our products and treat each client with the utmost respect. Our story is possible in part because of our clients who are passionate about maintaining integrity in the industrial security space. Our clients have welcomed our innovative products and readily attest to their superiority and reliability.


In a changing world, threats to government organizations, businesses, and civilian securities are a constant concern. MathCraft’s mission is to arm its clients against present threats while preparing them for future challenges. We are here to serve!

mathcraft top security platform for security management professionals

MathCraft’s products provide security management professionals with the most comprehensive security platform. Contact us to learn more!

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