FSO Tip of the Month: Find Information Quickly with Data Drilldown

MathCraft’s products are designed to make life easier for FSOs and other security officers who are tasked with safeguarding our nation’s most sensitive information in accordance with NISPOM. With so many tasks to complete on a daily basis, data organization, entry and retrieval are among the most cumbersome tasks an FSO can perform. When visit requests and insider threat reports come pouring in, having information at your fingertips is a crucial step towards keeping your compliance program up-to-date and ready for your next audit.

Access Commander is optimized for ease of access, providing comprehensive functionality for governance and oversight via 24 modules and convenient dashboards. Whether managing personnel, contracts, facilities, or your insider threat program, finding and shifting between modules is a cinch. We’ve made the process of information retrieval even easier with data “drilldown” features integrated across the Access, ViSi, and Portal Commander products.

In this article, we’ll explain how data propagates through MathCraft’s software ecosystem. We will show how it benefits FSOs by providing lightning-fast information retrieval, integration with self-service features and more.

Shift Between Modules with Data Drilldown

There are many instances that require an FSO to cross-reference multiple records among modules. In Access Commander, modules not only share data with each other but also allow the user to access more detailed information from another module without leaving the one they are already in. Here’s an example:

The Foreign Travel module in Access Commander allows users to collect and maintain records of any foreign travel undertaken by all employees in their organization, including itineraries, dates, destinations, and more. But when reviewing a foreign travel report, the FSO may wish to review more information about the individual who is traveling, their clearances, security incidents, and more.

Information about personnel is stored in the Personnel Management module; with data drill-down, a user can immediately access employee data drawn from the Personnel Management module without leaving Foreign Travel, simply by clicking on the name of the employee under the foreign travel listings.

Similarly, a user can access data from the Incoming Visits, Document Management, and Contract Management modules from inside the External Personnel Management module to keep up with contractors outside their organization. In most cases, the same is true in reverse.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of data drilldown paths, which are distributed throughout all MathCraft products. In general, wherever information is shared between two modules, it self-propagates between them and can be accessed with the click of a button.

Automatic Data-Sharing Between MathCraft Products

Data is automatically shared among the three platforms in Access, ViSi and Portal Commander. Data entered by a privileged user in one product will be made available across the other products, as applicable.

For instance, Visit Requests placed through the Portal Commander landing page will be reflected in the “Visit Requests” module in Access Commander after the FSO’s review and approval. Likewise, data for Personnel, Clearances, Special Access, and Badges entered via Access Commander are all reflected in the metrics under FSO Oversight in Portal Commander.

Thanks to role-based user profiles, non-security officers – including cleared employees and management – can submit reports and travel requests, and upload files through Portal’s self-service feature. This information will also automatically propagate among modules throughout the Commander-series ecosystem.

Benefits for You

Automatic data propagation and drilldown features result in significant time savings for all users. Combined with data self-reporting, the reduction in labor is exponential:

  • Achieve more efficient workflows through rapid record view and instant data access
  • Eliminate redundant data entry and the need to copy records
  • Automatically sort, organize and search data by any parameter
  • Produce more effective ad hoc reports with data-visualization for presentations

The Industry’s #1 Security Platform

Over the past decade, the number of threats facing government organizations has increased. MathCraft’s software solutions are designed to give FSOs, CSOs, and other security professionals everything they need to run a successful security program, comply with federal regulations like the NISPOM, and effectively manage contract requirements. Request a demo today!