FSO Tip: The FSO’s Guide to Approving Requests in Portal Commander

Facility Security Officers (FSOs) bear the responsibility to protect our nation’s most sensitive cleared facilities. In large organizations, they may have to review hundreds or even thousands of cases on a daily basis. Organizing these tasks alone takes up a significant portion of the average FSO’s workday.

Portal Commander frees you up to do more by providing self-service features to the cleared employees throughout your organization. Not only can they submit documents, fill out forms and file sensitive reports, but they can also submit requests all from a central location.

Submittable Requests

Many requests can be submitted through Portal Commander, including:

  • Travel within the contiguous states (CONUS)
  • Travel outside the contiguous states (OCONUS)
  • Badge requests
  • Visit requests
  • Clearance upgrades
  • Terminations
  • Access changes

How to Approve Requests:

To review and approve requests in Portal Commander, follow these steps:

  1. Login to the Portal Commander through the home page
  2. Under the left menu, click “Pending Actions”
  3. You will see a list with options, requisition ID, request type, etc.
  4. Under options, click “action” next to the request that you want to manage

Share the Load

Thanks to user roles, the responsibility for approving requests can be shared with other leaders in your organization, including:

  • Security Officers (CSOs, FSOs, and more)
  • Executives
  • Supervisors
  • Program managers

Approving Requests on the Go

Take your work with you: in the latest version of Portal Commander, Pending Actions can be accessed from mobile devices, allowing all stakeholders to approve requests and complete tasks on the go.

Get More Done with Portal Commander

With easy access to personnel information, key metrics, and task management features, Portal Commander is a comprehensive security platform that provides FSOs with a simplified overview of their organization and employees.

Save time, optimize workflows, and keep your organization safer. For a free demo, call us today!


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