Inside the Module: Contract Management

Managing the ins and outs of different contracts can be time-consuming and confusing. Every contract has its own unique requirements and security needs, which typically means that mountains of paper must be stored and maintained. If you need one small detail, trying to find it can seem overwhelming – if not impossible.

The Contract Administration module within Access Commander supports comprehensive contract management for Facility Security Officers (FSOs) and Special Security Officers (SSOs). Based on the Department of Defense’s DD Form 254, the module allows you to track important contract details, dates, and contacts. It even offers security-related guidance that you must follow to ensure that your contracts stay compliant.

When you need to access information, the search feature brings data right to your computer screen. You can query the database based on people assigned to the contract, or you can search using fields like internal contract number, delivery order, or contract name. There’s no hunting for files or waiting days to research crucial compliance requirements.

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Complete Compliance

Know every requirement on every contract, 24/7.

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Sophisticated Analysis

Stay on top of security obligations and demands.

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Uniform Data Entry

Ensure you have the data that is integral to your operations.

If your contract management system has been letting you down, see the difference Access Commander can make in your enterprise. Contact us today to schedule your free demo!

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