Inside the Module: External Personnel Management

FSOs are required to maintain an extensive amount of information on contractor-cleared personnel: clearances, individual access permissions, and background investigation details must be readily available and easy to analyze. With the External Personnel Management module in Access Commander, accessing and updating contractor information is a breeze.

  • Eliminate data duplication and cumbersome spreadsheets
  • Store, search, retrieve, and edit granular information on every contractor
  • Use data drill-down to shift between views painlessly
  • Set up reminders to be notified of important dates

The External Personnel Management module brings all the information you need to your fingertips, in one, easily searchable, centralized location. Never again scramble to collect information ahead of an audit, and never again fear for the safety of Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Access Commander Module Featured Image 1

Agile Control

Account for your contractors across every contract.

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Efficient Examination

Know every relevant detail in seconds.

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Keen Decision-Making

Maintain the security of your operation.

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