Inside the Module: OCONUS Incoming Visit

Approving international visitors into your cleared facility involves interactions with several government agencies. Not only must each guest be approved through the DCSA ahead of time, but itinerary and points of contact must be recorded to monitor the visitor at all times.

  • Document VARs for international visitors
  • Record and track logistical details for every trip
  • Find incoming visitors quickly with flexible search and data-drill-down

The OCONUS Incoming Visit module within Access Commander establishes a solid framework for managing Visit Authorization Requests (VARs) by international guests: track every logistical detail, crucial dates, purpose of visit, disclosure levels, and special conditions.

Access Commander Module Featured Image 2

Smooth Administration

Systematize the entire authorization process.

Access Commander Module Featured Image 3

Consistent Record-Keeping

Obtain and maintain the same data every time.

Access Commander Module Featured Image 1

Straightforward Inquiries

Locate meaningful information in seconds.

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