Inside the Module: OCONUS Outgoing Visit

In many organizations, the Facility Security Officer (FSO) must manage a plethora of international outgoing Visit Authorization Requests (VARs) for employees. Not only do the VARs need to be approved, but plans must be coordinated with the Defense Security Service (DCSA) and a Visit Authorization Letter (VAL) must be generated for every destination.

  • Generate VALs for NATO and non-NATO countries
  • Easily find specific authorizations with flexible search and data drill-down
  • Expedite the VAR approval process with organized information

The OCONUS Outgoing Visit module within Access Commander tracks all the logistical details associated with outgoing, international visits and expedites the VAR approval process through organized and integrated data. This module can process requests to both NATO and non-NATO countries, and automatically generates VALs for increased efficiency.

Access Commander Module Featured Image 2

Handy Automation

Let the system manage the VAL logistics for you.

Access Commander Module Featured Image 3

Comprehensive Audit Trails

Record the whole process, start to finish.

Access Commander Module Featured Image 1

Thorough Notation

Maintain every detail without piles of paper.

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