Inside the Module: Reportable Information

The Reportable Information module allows the capture of self-reporting information as required for continued clearance maintenance. This includes keeping the security office informed about anything that might have a bearing on an employee’s continued eligibility for access to classified information or that might signal an increased vulnerability to foreign intelligence targeting, such as:

  • Bankruptcy or wage garnishment
  • Marriage or cohabitation
  • Change of citizenship or acquisition of dual citizenship

The Reportable Information module in Access Commander makes it easy for the employees in your organization to play their part in complying with DCSA self-reporting requirements.

Access Commander Module Featured Image 2

Immediate Implementation

Start managing sensitive personnel reports.

Access Commander Module Featured Image 3

Total Fulfillment

Keep your contract fully compliant with 32 CFR Part 117, NISPOM Rule, and CI.

Access Commander Module Featured Image 1

Risk Management

Protect your most valuable assets – your personnel.

If you are looking for complete personnel governance and would like to see how Access Commander can simplify your security program, request your free demo today!

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