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On-Premise or Cloud-2

On-premise or Cloud: Which is Right for Your Business

Buzzword or Relevant IT Strategy?

Leveraging the Cloud

You may be tired of hearing about all things cloud… but this buzzword happens to be a relevant strategy for many corporate and Federal IT departments.

The adoption of cloud technologies is scaling upward at an ever-increasing rate, and business and government agencies alike are taking advantage of the benefits that storing data and accessing applications in a cloud environment provides.

Many organizations have embraced the idea of cloud or hybrid cloud strategies and have moved a variety of capabilities to the cloud. The transition to cloud offers benefits such as lower costs, easy application management, faster application deployment, widespread availability, and enhanced collaboration.

For some organizations, cloud still presents too many unknowns. In order to determine whether or not moving to the cloud is right for you, you need to understand why it’s different and if its benefits outweigh its disadvantages for your organization and business culture...

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