The Industry's #1 Security Platform

MathCraft’s Enterprise Security Suite is the industry’s most comprehensive platform for industrial security management professionals.

Our Commander-series products integrate to provide a robust, scalable, and customizable solution that’s got your 32 CFR Part 117, NISPOM Rule, compliance needs covered:

  • Industrial Security Management Software
  • Employee Self-Service & Leadership Oversight Platform
  • Visitor Management Solution for Cleared Facilities

A Comprehensive Security Suite

Our Enterprise Security Suite is made up of our three Commander-series products: Access Commander, Portal Commander, and ViSi Commander.

With MathCraft’s Enterprise Security Suite, you can:

  • Protect your organization from insider threats and suspicious contacts
  • View integrated data with intuitive drill-downs for easy analysis
  • Create customizable, dynamically-generated adhoc reports
  • Build efficiencies and complete tasks with Business Process Management (BPM) features
  • Provide self-service reporting features to cleared personnel

Never Fear an Audit Again

Our flagship product, Access Commander, is designed exclusively for Facility Security Officers (FSOs) and other industrial security professionals. This powerful, scalable application offers an exhaustive selection of compliance-friendly modules and dynamic dashboards. Imagine having all you’ll ever need to govern and manage your industrial security program successfully!

Access Commander:

  • Complies with 32 CFR Part 117, NISPOM Rule, DCSA, DoD, SAP/SAR, and SCI standards
  • Allows users to upload and assess data from DISS
  • Enables data-driven decision-making with powerful adhoc reporting
  • Compartmentalizes user access based on facility codes, company location, and more
  • Protects user and application data through encryption


Industrial Security Meets Enterprise Management - All in One Application

Portal Commander is a dashboard-driven platform that streamlines industrial security operations by providing self-service features to FSOs, employees, executives, program managers, and other stakeholders of cleared facilities. Thanks to role-based permissions, Portal Commander provides easy access to personal information, key metrics, workflow insights, and more!

Portal Commander:

  • Allows employees to take part in their own security processes
  • Ensures efficiency by automating and consolidating routine workflows
  • Helps organizations of all sizes meet the latest SEAD 3 foreign travel requirements
  • Adds value to users of all levels through dashboards and metrics
  • Offers flexibility for FSOs who need to meet the most strenuous compliance requirements


Keeping Your Doors Open & Your Assets Safe

ViSi Commander centralizes your visitor management operations under one system, allowing your security professionals – from receptionists and guards to FSOs and other cleared personnel – to optimize procedures and gain valuable insight. With ViSi Commander, you will always know who is in your facility and who is expected to arrive with detailed check-in/check-out data and more!

ViSi Commander:

  • Grants pre-registration for one person or an entire group
  • Enables the creation or integration of watch lists
  • Supports workflow approvals related to FOCI, ITAR, and more
  • Prints badges, scans government-issued IDs, and collects signatures
  • Permits the management of multiple locations under one application


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