Infographic: The Story of MathCraft

Winter 1980:

With a background in computer science, Imo Etuk leaves a prominent defense contractor to start a consulting business. After seeing the chaos surrounding the management of security clearances, MathCraft – named for the algebraic precision needed to design enterprise architecture – is born.

Spring 1992:

The MathCraft team is invited to a military base for a presentation, but no one can locate the security clearances that were sent in advance of the meeting. This problem, which seems to plague the industry, gives the team an idea.


Access Commander version 1.0 is launched as a standalone product to help FSOs and other security professionals manage their industrial security requirements all in one place.

Present Day:

We continue to fill needs in the industrial security space. MathCraft now offers Access Commander, Portal Commander, and ViSi Commander – three products that optimize processes and make compliance inherent – both on-premise and in the cloud.

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