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During this unprecedented and challenging time, our team remains committed to providing client support and the essential professional services required of the Federal Sector employees and contractors we assist. Our support hours remain the same and we appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve you.

COVID-19:  Worklife Resiliency and Adaptation

We came across the following article that really resonated with us and wanted to share it with you.

How the post-COVID workplace will change business for the better | World Economic Forum

On the Wire

Insider Threats Costs: Cybersecurity Research Findings – an IBM study shows that the average cost of insider threats has risen 31 percent in the past two years, hitting $11.5 million per organization in 2020 Read More

DHS Expands Insider Threat Program – data collection efforts will now include employment and performance information, personnel files, clearance status and more Read More

The Army Will Soon Allow Users to Access Classified Info from Home – the new capability will allow users to access certain information up the secret level from remote locations Read More

Pentagon’s Cybersecurity Certification Plan Includes Continuously Monitoring Contractors – contractors under the Pentagon’s CMMC will no longer be allowed to “self-certify” their security practices, and will be required to undergo continuous evaluation by third-party auditors Read More

Intel Community Adapts to New Realities of Security Clearance Evaluation – the clearance backlog has been set behind once more due to COVID-19’s impact on the OPM’s workforce; contractors are still expected to file clearance renewals and requests in a timely manner Read More

Group Behind WannaCry Now Using New Malware – the DHS warns that three new variants of WannaCry – ransomware that infected 200,000 computers in 2017 including Industrial Control Systems (ICS) – are spreading in the wild Read More

As DCSA Surpasses Background Investigation Goal, Is Trusted Workforce 2.5 Likely? – in spite of setbacks following COVID-19 lockdowns, critics have praised the DCSA for its clearance reforms and implementation of Trusted Workforce 2.0; IT integration may lead to further improvements Read More

What's Hot

Growing Insider Threats

2020 has been a year filled with external threats, but internal dangers still lurk within every organization. Since the release of SEAD-3, insider threats have not become any less common, or less dangerous.

According to a recent TechJury blog, “Either due to a malicious close associate, employee, or unintentional errors, the number of insider attacks experienced yearly has shifted upwards. It went from 3200 to 4700 per year between 2018 and 2020. This increased frequency of insider attacks has also led to about 60% of organizations experiencing more than 30 insider attacks yearly. DCSA has emphasized the importance of counterintelligence measures, and this focus will only grow stronger as insider threats continue to increase.

Surviving Industrial Security

MathCraft Security Technologies is proud to present Respect. Direct. Protect., a survival guide to Industrial Security packed with tips and insights to help security officers succeed in the face of serious obstacles. Download it today!

Looking Back: The Story of MathCraft

To celebrate the arrival of Access Commander 4.0, we look back on the evolution of MathCraft and its clients over 25 years. To read the full story, check out our latest blog post: The Story of MathCraft.

Tips of the Trade

We get it! It’s tough to meet the DCSA’s rigorous counterintelligence requirements.

The good news is that Access Commander 4.0 makes reporting and analysis easy for FSOs and cleared personnel alike with new and updated modules, such as:

  • Suspicious Contact Reporting
  • Foreign Contacts
  • Insider Threat/CI Dashboard

To learn more about our counterintelligence modules and how they can automate your compliance procedures, check out our latest FSO tip of the month: Meet DCSA Counterintelligence Requirements With Access Commander 4.0.

Need to Know

MathCraft’s Access Commander Integrates with Deltek Products

Transactions between Deltek’s Costpoint, GovWin IQ, and Talent Management feed into Access Commander® on demand, eliminating manual double data entry and equipping enterprises with better contract insight.

For more information about integration with Deltek products, visit Deltek’s Partner Marketplace website.

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