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Creating a Positive, Pro-Security Culture

Are the members of your security team the “bad guys” in your organization? Creating the right company culture requires more than the popular “just-in-time” training. Security should be a habit – not a hindrance. Everyone needs to understand the importance of security in everything that you do.

On the Wire

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What's Hot

Easing the Security Clearance Backlog

With a backlog of over 710,000 cases, it seems like only a miracle could resolve the clearance-processing debacle.
Machine learning may be that miracle. Powered by predictive modeling and some really cool algorithms, periodic reinvestigation cases could be screened and flagged without any human effort.
While the idea is still in its infancy, machine learning could help remove the 200,000+ reinvestigation cases from the backlog quickly, alleviating some of the work OPM must do to free itself from the security clearance process.
Tips of the Trade

The Devil Is in the Details

The SF-86 may be the bane of your FSO existence, but you can help your employees by simply following the directions – precisely. There are several questions on the form that ask if something has “EVER” occurred to the applicant, and they may come right after a question that limits responses to a specific timeframe.
One of the “EVER” questions that is frequently “missed” references being charged with a felony. Note that the question says “charged” and not “convicted.” A juvenile incident that ended up as a misdemeanor may not have started that way, which is why the question is worded so specifically.
The better you can translate the SF-86 questions for your employees, the smoother their clearance processing will go. The devil is truly in the details.
Instead of holding a large, one-size-fits-all session or preparing a marathon web-based course, why not hold smaller, more targeted classes over the course of the year? Short, focused, and frequent security training sessions will help your employees stay consistently engaged in the security process.
Keep each session lively by mixing in interactive elements and updating your materials. The better and faster your information can be consumed, the easier it will be for your employees to digest and execute.
Need to Know

New Portal Commander Editions Available Soon

This summer, Portal Commander™ Standard and Portal Commander™ Business Process Management (BPM) will become generally available to the public. These two editions add comprehensive clearance management capabilities to our current, Portal Commander™ Lite, offering.

The Portal Commander™ Standard and BPM editions present every employee within your organization with a self-service security application. You’ll never miss a deadline again with automated workflows and insight into key metrics.




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