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Creating a Positive, Pro-Security Culture

Are the members of your security team the “bad guys” in your organization? Creating the right company culture requires more than the popular “just-in-time” training. Security should be a habit – not a hindrance. Everyone needs to understand the importance of security in everything that you do.

On the Wire
  • NBIB Releases New Report on Status of Security Clearance Backlog - There are now over 8,000 background investigators tackling the backlog. Read more
  • Continuous Evaluation System Aims to Streamline Security Clearance Investigations - The investigation process will never stop thanks to new “continuous evaluation” software. Read more
  • Background Check Change Could Put Troops’ Clearances at Risk - The DoD’s automated, continuous evaluation system may hurt the military careers of some soldiers. Read More
  • NIST Pushes on Next Version of Risk Management Framework - A draft of RMF 2.0 is due out in November, and it will focus on protecting PII. Read more
  • Pentagon Issues Guidance on 6-Year Periodic Reinvestigations and Special Access Programs - In July, the Pentagon doubled-down on its move to change the scope of PRs from five years to six. Read more
What's Hot

Protecting the Privacy of Your Employees

Recent news stories have attempted to piece together how a former CIA officer’s SF-86 ended up in the hands of a super PAC.
Abigail Spanberger, who is running for Congress in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, reported at the end of August that a super PAC got its hands on her entire federal security clearance application.

“OPM rules state unequivocally that SF-86s are not to be filed in the Official Personnel Folder.” 

While people are still trying to get to the bottom of the incident, it appears that Spanberger’s SF-86 was released due to simple oversight. Her application was in her personnel folder, which was released, in its entirety, in response to a FOIA request.
Where do you store your SF-86s? Are you putting the privacy of your employees at risk?
Tips of the Trade

Make Your Security Training “Snackable”

While you may have to follow certain guidelines when it comes to how often your employees must complete different types of security training, there are usually no rules on breaking up the requirements.
Instead of holding a large, one-size-fits-all session or preparing a marathon web-based course, why not hold smaller, more targeted classes over the course of the year? Short, focused, and frequent security training sessions will help your employees stay consistently engaged in the security process.
Keep each session lively by mixing in interactive elements and updating your materials. The better and faster your information can be consumed, the easier it will be for your employees to digest and execute.
Need to Know

New Portal Commander Edition Set to Release in October

Portal Commander™ Standard, MathCraft’s latest addition to its Portal Commander™ line, will be generally available to the public in October. The platform, a first of its kind, targets Facility Security Officers (FSOs), Industrial Security professionals, program managers, employees, and executives – truly making it a business tool for the entire organization.
“Portal Commander™ Standard is going to revolutionize the way FSOs operate in the Industrial Security space. It will give them a powerful tool that will increase productivity, boost efficiency, and make every employee a partner in the security process,” says Imo Etuk, President and CEO of MathCraft.



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