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Wrapping up 2022

From our MathCraft family to yours, we wish you a healthy and happy holiday season.

We express our appreciation to our colleagues, clients, and partners. It has been another eventful year for facility security officers (FSOs), government contractors, and cybersecurity professionals.

As we enter 2023, we are confronted with new challenges and risks. Know that MathCraft is here to keep you informed and help cleared facilities meet the rapidly changing security landscape.

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  • Social Engineering Kill–Chain: Predicting, Minimizing & Disrupting Attack Verticals - "While security technology has been advancing, human vulnerabilities have remained the same. The stimulus-response effect in human triggers is consistent, and exploiting these vulnerabilities is consistently successful." Read More
  • 5 Easy Ways to Lose Your Security Clearance - “It’s the fear of every clearance holder at some point. Did I screw up so much that I will lose my security clearance? It’s common to feel some anxiety – because a revoked clearance usually means job loss too.” Read More
  • LinkedIn's new security features fight scammers, deepfakes, and malicious hackers- "Better security can't come soon enough, as criminals have long exploited LinkedIn to identify and connect with unsuspecting individuals within targeted companies, with the intention of conducting fraud, stealing information, and planting malware." Read More
  • Online Betting and Fantasy Leagues Can Contribute to Clearance Issues -
    "... while a security clearance holder may think it’s none of the government’s business, there are ways the government may discover that a security clearance holder is becoming a big player." Read More
  • Air Force and Space Force Relaxing Rules on Marijuana for New Recruits -"For now, it is important to stress that marijuana remains illegal on the federal level, and past usage could be an issue for those seeking to enter the military. Yet, the services have had to face the fact that those rules may need to be 'relaxed,' and while no one is encouraging would-be recruits to chill out or smoke up, the United States Air Force and the United States Space Force could be boldly going where the services haven’t quite gone before – it could look past pass usage of the recreational drug." Read More
  • DISA Flags Contractors’ Inappropriate Use of Government Computers - "GFE and Government information systems shall be used to conduct official duties only; system login pages note – For U.S Government Authorized Use Only. Unauthorized use jeopardizes the mission and the security of Government systems." Read More
  • What's appropriate on social media? DOD spells it out in new guidance - "The policy provides guidelines for official DOD social media use overall—including points about social media account records management—and measures to take so that personal social media accounts are not confused or misrepresented as official accounts." Read More
  • Secret Sharing Nuclear Scientist Will Now Get Fate Decided by a Jury - "During the course of the sentencing hearing it was revealed that, even though Toebbe may have provided what was construed to be voluminous amounts of information to individuals who he thought were representatives of Brazil, and they were in reality FBI special agents. It was also noted that the classification level of the information never exceeded 'confidential.'" Read More
  • US Navy engineer and wife sentenced for conspiring to sell classified information to a foreign country - "The couple coordinated drop-offs of encrypted SD cards containing classified information about nuclear submarines, specifically Virginia-class vessels, for who they believed were members of a foreign government in exchange for thousands of dollars in cryptocurrency, according to a criminal complaint." Read More
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October was Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Each year in October, the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCA) team up to promote cyber awareness for a wide range of industry topics in what's known as Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

During this time, cybersecurity training, marketing ads, and events provide education on today's threats, solutions, and even job opportunities within the industry.

This year, the theme is "See Yourself in Cyber," an interesting concept with plenty of interpretations and implications for all stakeholders. So what exactly does the theme mean, and how does it affect those in the industrial security world?

This year's theme and the FSO:

Like other Americans, you use online applications to manage and secure your facility, surf the web, and handle sensitive data that often requires clearance.

Every day, as part of your duties, you "see yourself in cyber" by utilizing best security practices within your operation and adhering to complex cybersecurity compliance requirements.

You may also be in a position to hire or recruit personnel within the defense contracting, industrial security, or cybersecurity industry. This will allow you to "see yourself in cyber" on a broader level that helps fill in the personnel gap for security positions.

Practice "Seeing Yourself in Cyber" and learn more about how to collaborate with others in your organization by reading our latest post here. 

MathCraft Newsletter Tips of the Trade

Manage Governance, Risk and Compliance

Facility Security Officers (FSOs) are tasked with essential responsibilities in maintaining data security and integrity while ensuring their organization meets compliance requirements.

Having to oversee cybersecurity, facility security, and compliance programs simultaneously is not easy — particularly if an FSO isn’t equipped with the right technology.

In addition, there’s a broad range of requirements:

  • Managing personnel
  • Contracts
  • Inventory
  • Visitors
  • The facility itself
  • Tracking foreign travel
  • Security threats
  • Responding to incidents

Facility teams will find themselves disorganized and ineffective if they cannot manage their workflows and data in a centralized interface. The result could be hefty noncompliance fines, lost government contracts, or a successful breach that could jeopardize your organization and even our country’s national security.

Adopt a Comprehensive Industrial Security Management Software

As contractors entrust FSOs with intense compliance duties for data security, personnel management, contract procurement, and visitor processing, having one system handle the governance side of things is helpful. FSOs can enforce protocols and track compliance for things like foreign or domestic contact visits to their facility, international travel by cleared employees, and clearance investigations in one interface.

Learn more about how our industrial security management software suite helps FSOs automate their workflows, organize their data, and manage compliance requirements across all aspects of their facility-security operations by reading Governance, Risk, and Compliance: How Access Commander is Effective for Both Security and Compliance

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How FOCI Impacts Security Compliance

FOCI is a status or situation in which a contractor with access to classified information has some foreign investment or association with foreign interest. It’s used by the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) to manage our national security interests without denying defense contractors, specifically those with foreign interests, access to contract opportunities, and Facility Security Clearances (FCL).

Those that fall under FOCI must follow action plans and processes to mitigate against risks that come with a foreign stake, such as political and military espionage or insider trading. Without resolving the risk factors involved in FOCI, defense contractors cannot receive an FCL and consequently — win defense contracts.

So what are the analysis factors of FOCI and how do you manage its compliance?  Read What is Foreign Ownership, Control, or Influence (FOCI) & How Does it Impact Security Compliance?

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