January 8, 2018          

MathCraft releases new RMF Module to comply with New Defense Security Service regulations

DSS recently announced that all National Industrial Security Program (NISP) partners must completely transition to the RMF by January 1, 2018. 

WASHINGTON, D.C.– In response to new Defense Security Service (DSS) provisions for 2018, MathCraft Security Technologies, Inc. recently developed a Risk Management Framework (RMF) module within their Access Commander® platform to conform to mandatory security requirements. The RMF dictates how Information Systems (IS) must be authorized, as outlined in the DSS Assessments and Authorization Process Manual (DAAPM).  

Access Commander® is a robust, enterprise-class industrial security tool that helps Facility Security Officers (FSOs) and Information System Security Managers (ISSMs) stay accountable and organized. The software solution provides security professionals with a comprehensive platform for completing every task, from tracking clearances and managing personnel records to maintaining foreign travel details and monitoring insider threats. Access Commander® ensures that facilities stay compliant by meeting standards set forth by DSS and its National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM). 

The RMF module within Access Commander® allows FSOs and ISSMs to streamline their RMF assessment and authorization processes. It identifies systems and their statuses, and then records critical details such as plan information and personnel authorizations. The new RMF module allows security professionals to proactively stay on top of the latest guidelines, compiling all the information needed to meet Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) requirements. 

“The transition from the Defense Information Assurance Certification & Accreditation Process (DIACAP) to RMF has not been easy, but the final result should enhance the overall security of your IS. The new standards can also help coordinate your efforts with Information Technology staff. Access Commander’s implementation of the RMF simplifies the entire process for both FSOs and ISSM professionals.”  

– Imo Etuk, Founder & CEO of MathCraft Security Technologies 




MathCraft Security Technologies believes in empowering its clients with knowledge and know-how, allowing for quick and accurate training that turns any employee that uses our support system into a security professional. Our values of security, simplicity, and superior customer support have helped make MathCraft Security Technologies a trusted partner with the Industrial Security community in government and corporate organizations. 

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